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Cherokee Nation Home Health Services - Nurse, hospice,

About Us

Cherokee Nation Home Health Outreach is a department of Cherokee Nation Home Health Services (CNHHS).

Cherokee Nation Home Health Outreach obtained approval through the state of Oklahoma and admitted its first patient in 1996. We have continued providing a vital service to our consumers since inception.

We provide a broad range of home and community health services to persons of all ages.

Our services are covered by two separate state plans:

  • Oklahoma State Personal Care Plan, and
  • the Advantage Waiver Program

General Eligibility

All persons who are currently on Medicaid and meet Department of Human Services (DHS) Medicaid Guidelines could be eligible for these programs. If you are currently on Medicaid, contact your local DHS office to access your eligibility. If you are a new client and need to access these services, call the Long Term Care Authority at 1-800-435-4711.

Below, we will describe each program, the individual eligibility requirements and the services offered under each program. All persons approved for the State Plan Personal Care Program and the Advantage Waiver Program must meet DHS guidelines and be approved by DHS before services can be performed.

Home Health Outreach/Advantage Services

Our Service Region

Our home health care programs are licensed by the State of Oklahoma and our Service Region includes the following Oklahoma Counties: Adair; Delaware; Mayes; Muskogee; Sequoyah; Wagoner.